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Since RCEC’s inception, we have been teaching tailoring skills to empower women and enhance their income-earning abilities. The program has so far trained over 30 women, many of whom have set up their own tailoring shops or businesses. The quality of the dressmaking skills of a number of these women is now being recognized around the world through an opportunity given them by an American designer, NaanaB. The women at RCEC’s centers and a network of NaanaB seamstresses are paid to sew NaanaB ( dresses and women’s handbags that are made exclusively of African fabrics. In the last few years a number of NaanaB-designed items, sown by these women, have been featured in top international fashion magazines including, Teen Vogue (March 2010 edition) and Gladys Magazine (January 2010 edition). Excitingly, a NaanaB gown was worn by a celebrity guest at one of President Obama’s 2008 Inaugural Balls. In 2007, a NaanaB bag was featured in Essence Magazine as a “must-have-bag” for the season.

2010 March Issue of Teen Vogue

World Bride Magazine

Obaasema Magazine

Gladys Magazine, Honey Magazine, Essence Magazine

Amsterdam News, Real Housewives of New York, Morning Show LA

Teen Vogue, March 2010, In Print & Online 
Moonspire Mini Ruffle Dress
Featured in "Global Citizens" Fashion Spread
January 2010, Obaasema Magazine Feature 
When Daughters of Africa Shift, Communities Stir

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